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Holden Medal for Education

The Holden Medal for Education is awarded in recognition of an outstanding contribution to technology based education at all levels. Originally inaugurated in 1992 by the Clothing and Footwear Institute (CFI) International. This award is made to an Institute member only.

Past Winners:

W M Aldrich, 1996
W P Bohm, 1987
J G Butlin, 1989
K K Chan, 1991
J W Dearden, 1988
L D Fernando, 1989
J Gerber, 1983
W G Gibson, 1982
H Goodier, 1981
K W Hall, 1981
C H Hanvey, 1999
D Jones, 1986
R M Laing, 1997
J V A Long, 1984
R K G MacEwen, 1985
J Muir, 1990
AKG Nair 2012
T H B Pannell, 1992/93
AC Peers 2010
I Tezcan, 1998
D J Tyler, 1995
M. Williams 2013
R E Whittaker, 1994


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